“We design the present with an evocation of the past”

After years of research and study, led by a great love for Art and Antiques, we have decided that it was time to share our passion with other people. This is the reason why, many years ago, we launched our antique shoplogoin order to underline our intention to invite you to a journey in the past. We collect antique articles selected considering their shape and importance, combining wood’s harm to the shine of the glass in a union which seems perfect to us.
We give the possibility to our visitors to live a piece of history through an accurate description of our furniture and articles of our exhibit, proposing, today, a kind of art which has been adorning along centuries the most refined locations of the world. Careful to trends, through the high quality of our materials, the authenticity and versatility of shapes and the refined chromatic choices, we offer to our customers fine glass articles, from the old Murano tradition, and antique furniture from the old Italian and Parma tradition, suitable to get perfectly integrated both into classic and modern interior design.