tempoWhen you think of the Venetian Island of Murano, glass immediately springs to mind. For over 720 years Murano has been linked to this curious, almost paradoxical substance: it is both solid and liquid, fragile yet long-lasting, unique because created from fire. The articles of our exhibit perfectly show this magic, thanks to the beauty of shapes, to the colours which are mixed so wisely, to the fine hand which forged them. And what, better than the furniture we show, could combine with these unique and extraordinary glass creations?
Antique furniture, silent and static, buried by memories, anxious to live in their essence’s harm, represent a particular moment in which our memory and our sensibility can relax and feel that sense of security given by the perception of the tradition inside them: extreme solidity, accurate choice of essences and love for details were used in their construction, because they had to last forever.
Glancing at our shop window, you enter into history, where time shows the passion of who managed to produce art with his wise hands.


“Tu chiamale se vuoi…emozioni”